How it Works

My goal at Caleb Steck Custom Knives is to bring you quality knives that are simply effective and sharp in both appearance and performance. My knives are 100% made by me in my shop with my tools, from the tip to the pommel. Whether it's hunting, cooking, camping or every-day carry, my knives will serve you for a lifetime and more. 

--Caleb Steck, Bladesmith

About Caleb Steck

I have been making knives since 2015, when I was twelve years old. It all started when I attended a private knifemaking class with Master Bladesmith, Jim Crowell. After that, I went home and refurbished an old charcoal forge that I acquired while in Ohio attending a trapper's convention. My first knives were hammered from rebar. Soon I realized that I really loved being at the forge, and I wanted to make a career out of it. 


Over the last few years I have continued learning and improving my skills. I have made some knives I wouldn't have dreamed of making when I first started. Last year I transitioned from using only reclaimed metals, to buying high-quality steel for the blades. I switch between forging and stock removal for my knives mainly to keep things interesting and above all continue learning and improving.