This gallery is an archive of finished knives from over the years. I will add pictures of more knives as I complete them, so come back often! 

EDC Knife
I designed this particular knife to be the embodiment of my motto - simple, effective and sharp. I forged it from an old file, and edge hardened it to provide durability. There is simply nothing to break on this knife, and that is why I like it for every day carry.
Crazy Kitchen Knife
This knife is made from 15n20 carbon steel, with a single, right-side bevel. The handle is a composite I made from some shirts provided by the customer, with a bowdark bolster.
12" overall length, 7" blade
Crazy Kitchen knife
Small Belt Knife
Hamon Belt Knife 2
Bowdark Belt Knife
I bought the handle wood from a small shop in Arkansas, and it pops beautifully on this knife.
Bowark Knife 2.0
A recreation of the origional bowdark knife, this one turned out even better.
Boot knife 2.0
This knife was made for an active Army Lieutenant. Its a boot dagger, serrated on one side only, with coyote tan G10 handle.
Damascus Knife
The blade was forged from damascus made by Mastersmith Jim Crowell. Handle is Ziricote wood.
Boot Knife
This knife was designed and bought by a Texas State Trooper. With Agressive serration on both edges, its super light profile gets the job done.
Full Tang Bowie
2019 EDC2
Micarta skinner knives
Blacksmith's Knife
Forged from a wrench
Hamon Belt Knife
Hamon Belt Knife
Fancy Fighter #2
Fancy Fighter #2
Fancy 52100 Fighter
The blade of this knife was ground from 1/8" 52100 ball bearing steel and hand polished. The handle is stabilized spalted maple.
Bush Sword
5160 Forged Integral Skinner
Way back in the day!
Fancy Classic Belt Knife
Custom order with dyed curly maple
Micarta Skinner/EDC
My personal belt knife
52100 fighter
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